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Webinar | 項目管理創新技術 The Innovative Project Management Techniques



項目管理創新技術 The Innovative Project Management Techniques


Cantonese with English Slides


Ir Dr YK Chan

Founder Chairman of Six Sigma Institute



The Objective of the free seminar is to share and transfer knowledge regarding a new and proven breakthrough project management technique, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM).

Experience from leading companies worldwide indicates that successful implementation of CCPM will enhance the companies’ productivity and competitiveness.

Who Should Attend

Project managers, resources managers, engineers, IT Professionals. Executives responsible for projects and major tasks


  • Current Issues of Project Management
  • Simulation Game to Show Solution Directions
  • Implementation of Solutions
  • Simulation Exercise
  • Comparison of Current and New Methods
  • Visual Chart for Project Tracking and Monitoring
  • Simulation and Results
  • Monitoring and Reporting Project Progress
  • Introduction to the Latest CCPM Software
  • Case Examples
    a.Video Show – Completing a Belayed High-Speed Railway Station
    b. A Large-Scale Government Project


Cantonese with English Slides

About the Facilitator

Ir Dr YK Chan
FHKIE, Certified TOC Expert,
Dr. YK Chan learned the Innovative Project Management techniques from the Founder, Dr Goldratt in Israel. He is one of the few Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Practitioners certified by the Theory of Constraint International Certification Organization (TOCICO, www.tocico.org).
Dr YK Chan promotes the theory and application of CCPM in Asia and Greater China and organizes certification examination for the TOCICO in Hong Kong and China.


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