How ESG Impact IPO Valuation [ 17 Jun 2024 ]


Free Seminar: How ESG Impact IPO Valuation

Speaker: David Chan

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是次免費研討會主題探討環境、社會和公司治理 (ESG) 因素與新股上市 (IPO) 價值評估之間的交集。研討會將討論 ESG 為何吸引投資者以及對 IPO 的好處。同時,研討會也會探討 ESG 考量如何改變公司面對 IPO 的方式。此外,研討會還將介紹香港交易所 (HKEX) 的 ESG 要求和發展。總體而言,研討會將提供有關如何利用 ESG 因素來提高 IPO 價值評估並吸引重視可持續發展和負責任企業實踐的投資者的見解。

The seminar topic “How ESG Impacts IPO Valuation” will explore the intersection of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors with initial public offering (IPO) valuations. The seminar will discuss the reasons why ESG is attracting investors and its benefits for IPOs. It will also examine how ESG considerations are changing the way companies approach IPOs. Additionally, the seminar will cover the ESG requirements and developments on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). Overall, the seminar will provide insights into how companies can leverage ESG factors to improve their IPO valuations and attract investors who value sustainability and responsible corporate practices.


  • Why ESG attracts investors | 為何 ESG 吸引投資者
  • ESG benefits IPO | ESG 對 IPO 的好處
  • ESG and the way to IPO | ESG 與上市的方式
  • HKEX ESG requirements &developments | 香港交易所的 ESG 要求與發展


Mr. David Chan / 陳德盛 先生

資深企業顧問,為企業提供以下各種專業服務:家族辦公室、投資、財務資產管理、公司治理、IPO上市輔導、ESG 諮詢、合規、估值指引、企業融資、會計、稅務、企業投資、重組與併購、管理諮詢等。 至2022年末,曾籌備在香港上市的企業包括海產養殖公司、礦業公司、醫療設備公司、化學製造公司、房地產公司、機械工程公司及家私製造公司。 也為香港上市公司作併購內地公司的顧問。 陳德盛先生是香港一間擁用香港證監會4、5、6、9號金融牌照的上市金融集團的合規顧問。 陳德盛先生曾在本地及國際會計師事務所工作。 他共參與了近20間香港上市公司審計以及深圳證券交易所B股上市和納斯達克上市的申報會計師工作。 現時,陳先生也為一個家族辦公室服務,監管合規、投資、財務等。 陳先生是一家總部位於深圳的跨國公司的全球稅務規劃和外匯對沖顧問。

Mr. Chan Tak Shing, David, is an experienced professional consultant, mainly provide the following professional advice: Family Office, Investment, Finance and Asset control, Corporate Governance, IPO Advicing & Guidance, ESG consultancy, Compliance, Valuation, Corporate Financing, Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions and Management Consulting. Upto year end 2022, the nature of Hong Kong listing companies he participated including artificial marine rearing, mining, medical accessories manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, property development, mechanical engineering and furniture manufacturing company, He was also the advisor of several cases of Hong Kong Listing companies merger and acquisition in China. Currently, Mr. Chan is the Compliance Consultant of a Hong Kong listing Group which processes Type 4,5,6,9 Licence under the Securities and Futures Ordinance Cap. 571. He participated near twenty listing companies audit in Hong Kong. Furthermore, he worked in B shares Listing at Shenzhen and NASDAQ shares before. Mr. Chan also serves in a Family Office, monitoring the compliance, investments and financing. Mr. Chan is a Consultant for a Shenzhen based MNC in Global Tax Planning and Foreign Exchange Hedging.

Event Details

CPD Credit: 2 points

Date: 2024-06-17

Start time: 19:00 HKT

End time: 20:30 HKT

Venue: Six Sigma Institute

Phone: 25812771

Email: [email protected]

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