People Analytics Workshop – Make Simple for HR, People Operations and Six Sigma Project


Today after the outbreaks of Covid-19 pandemic, human resource (HR) leaders and operations managers are required to lead the organizations in digital transformation for business growth. According to survey of Payscale in Hong Kong, the average basic annual salary of a Analytics Manager is HK$638,713. In 2019, a study of myHRfuture revealed that 28% of respondents rated “people analytics” as the most-wanted competency.

Why analytics

Managers in people operations need to examine staff data and conduct simple surveys to derive insights and align decisions with strategic corporate objectives. However, they cannot solely depend on expensive consultancy or the busy in-house data analysts to perform these simple tasks for them. Managers equipped with Self-service People Analytics skills can help themselves to tackle this pain point without external assistance and within limited time and resources. 


After learned this course, participants know how to make best performance from their staff, what is going-on in the work force, how to save time and resources in recruitment and evaluating the staff performance. For this course, we integrated the DMAIC of Six Sigma with People Analytics in improving business process and avoiding operational mistakes.

Participants in this course can learn Self-Service People analytics without high level of knowledge in maths, statistics, programming and coding. This course will enable participants to get the results in a short time because the workshop delivers just enough theories but more on hands-on exercises with simple tools.

Key Features of the Program

  1. 8 Hours of instructor-led both on-line and face to face classroom training (if situation allows).
  2. Comprehensive course materials with case studies and hands-on exercises covering all essential skills of digital transformation, digital talent, and People Analytics.
  3. Effective understanding and retention of the knowledge through self-assessment quizzes at the end of each meeting.
  4. Easy to understand with examples/cases for understanding and implementing the data analysis;
  5. Achievement Certificate from SSI at the end of the course (70% attendance).

Day 1 – Basic (2 hours on-line meeting)

  • Introduction
  • Why goes digital?
  • What is digital Transformation?
  • Stages of digital transformation
  • Digital Talent concepts and applications
  • Digital Talent Examples (Hong Kong and Overseas)
  • What are People Analytics and importance of this skills for managers

Day 2 – (3 hours classroom workshop )

  • Understand the tools for analytics: mainly Excel; and other tools for classification and prediction.
  • 4 types of Analytics
  • HR Analytics Maturity Model
  • Cases – demonstrations – using Excel for beginners.
    1. Six sigma project – Improve the waiting time of patients in hospital
    2. HR project – staff attrition studies.

Day 3 – Workshop (3 hours classroom workshop)

Hands on exercise, no code, no formular to using formular and Privat Tables of Excel (workbook provided)

  • HR Metrics
  • Waiting Time improvement
  • Staff Attrition with predictive analytics
  • Staff Absent
  • Gender discrimination in staff selection

Who suitable for

HR professionals, operation managers, administration managers, Sig Sigma Green Belts and those who would like to learn the Self-Service Analytics (People Analytics) techniques and digital transformation.

People Analytics Workshop – Make Simple for HR, People Operations and Six Sigma Project


People Analytics Workshop – Make Simple for HR, People Operations and Six Sigma Project 日期: 6, 13, 27 Apr 2024 星期六 時間: 10am – 1pm (session 1 online, session 2 & 3 in Six Sigma classroom) 地點: 六式碼學會 備註:六式碼學會註冊專業人員及香港品質管理協會會員優先

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